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Concrete Core Drilling

  • 52mm up to 202mm in diameter
  • 40mm up to 2000mm deep
  • Vertical, horizontal and slanted surfaces
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Precast Concrete

  • You send us a sketch, we design it for you
  • We build a mould and cast the concrete as per your design
  • If required, we supply an engineers certificate
  • Delivery or collection
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Solar Packages

No noise or pollution from a generator. No maintenance or fuel required.

Just abundant, replenishable solar power via the
GS Solar Power System which will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

 NOTE: The GS Solar Power Systems provide ADDITIONAL electricity, an absolute necessity during these times of  LOADSHEDDING and RISING UTILITY COSTS

GS - A3 Solar Power Package

This NO FUSS Entry Level Solar Power package holds enough electricity for 6 hours.

The GS-A3 systems INTELLIGENT INVERTER will first utilise Eskom power, then battery power, and the photovoltaic panels will charge the batteries during the day. The inverter can also charge the batteries at night from the grid if the grid is switched on.

The system will firstly use solar power to charge the batteries. When the sun is not shining it will use a trickle charge from the grid to keep the batteries at optimum level.

In the case of power failure or load shedding the GS-A3 system switches over automatically via extra fast transfer switch to the batteries, within 15 milliseconds. The homes lights will be kept on without disruption. The transition will be seamless.

The GS-A3 system allows for one plug to be used for low wattage appliances

This system is intended for TV’s, decoders, computers, cell phone chargers, lights and similar appliances.

NOT intended for large electric appliances

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